“I Taught My In-Laws a Lesson After They Excluded Me From Dinner”

On a recent family trip with my in-laws, things got tricky. My mother-in-law always looked down on me because she thinks I’m not as classy as she is. She believes my family isn’t as well-off as hers, so she thinks I lack proper manners.


When we got to the hotel, they planned a fancy dinner at a classy restaurant. My husband didn’t tell me until the last minute, after he was already dressed up. When I asked about it, he said I wasn’t invited. Why? Because his mom thought I wouldn’t know how to act or what to eat there. She figured I’d be better off staying at the hotel. I didn’t argue. Instead, I packed my bags and left, taking the first flight home. When my husband found out I left, he called me a lot and was really upset. He said I was being irrational and ungrateful, and he felt embarrassed in front of his family because I left. Even though he really wanted me to go on the trip. When he got back home, he wouldn’t talk to me at all. And on top of that, his family said stuff about me on Facebook.The story was shared online. The woman asked netizens if she overreacted in this situation, but users deliberately agreed she was a ’good guy’ here.


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