Smashing Patty with Confidential Sauce

Smashing Patty with Confidential Sauce

Find out what goes into making the best diner-style A classic patty melt consists of a rye bread sandwich with crispy edges and butter between layers of caramelized onions, melting Swiss cheese, and juicy beef patties. No cheeseburger appetite is too big or too little for this simple patty melt recipe!

Do you long for a classic diner sandwich with gooey cheese and a mountain of caramelized onions? The pinnacle of comfort food sandwiches, these simple Classic Patty Melts are sure to please. To bring out the richness of the thinly sliced onions, we caramelize them gently in a mixture of olive oil and butter. Melted Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, crisp buttered rye bread, and juicy beef patties sizzled in a cast-iron pan make up the sandwich. The acidic onions, melty cheese, crunchy toast, juicy meat, and burger patties create the ideal harmony of flavors and sensations in every mouthful. Although this patty melt dish only takes 45 minutes to prepare, it will seem like you devoted an entire afternoon to making it right. Any cheeseburger enthusiast will be impressed by this simple weekday supper or casual dinner party dish.

Can you recommend a good onion variety?
You may use either sweet onions or yellow onions. To keep the other tastes from being overwhelmed, stay away from red onions. To ensure a caramelized onion, thinly slice it.

Can I substitute another kind of cheese?
Sure, you may sub in different sliced cheeses like provolone or cheddar. On the other hand, the melted Swiss cheese adds a lovely creaminess.

How can I keep the patties from being cooked for too long?

Always check the internal temperature of patties using a meat thermometer. Make sure to cook them until they reach a temperature of 160°F. Because they will cook twice in the melts, patties should be thinner than normal burgers.

Instead of mayonnaise or mustard, why not butter the bread?
Frying bread coated in butter produces a delightfully crisp and toasted crust and imparts a rich taste throughout the cooking process. The bread will not become mushy because of this. Still, you’re welcome to dab the interior slices of bread with a little mayo or mustard.

Traditional Patties Melts

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