10 kitchen hacks only chefs know

Whether your idea of cooking is choosing what toppings you want on your pizza or you like to cook dinner while watching Rachael Ray, you can benefit from knowing these chef tips. These kitchen hacks will help make your food prep a little easier.
Here are 10 great kitchen hacks used by top chefs.
1. Make lots of stock and freeze it
The next time you whip together chicken or turkey stock, make as much as you can and then separate the leftovers into plastic bags. You can freeze the stock for several months, and you’ll have a base for future dishes ready to grab when you need it.

2. Ignore the package directions

To get the perfect pasta texture, cook your noodles one minute less than what the package calls for. Then let them simmer in the sauce to finish cooking.
3. Get rid of garlic odors
If you’re cooking with garlic, rub your hands all over your stainless steel sink to remove the odor before washing with soap and water.
4. Steady does it

Keep your herbs from flying all over the place by first sprinkling a bit of salt on your chopping board.
5. Use a wooden spoon to control spills

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