13 health benefits of raw honey

Apply honey to infected gum area to help treat gum disease. Aniwell reports that while honey contains antibacterial properties, it is most effective when applied directly to the infected area, before the infection has time to get into the blood stream.
7. Honey may help to treat colds and sore throat.
It’s practically common knowledge that honey can help ease a sore throat. The soothing texture coats the throat and makes it easier to swallow. But, honey can actually help treat your cold too!
8. Honey for cancer treatment.
This one is a bit harder to pin down, but some researchers believe that honey could help aid in cancer treatment. The theory is that certain honey contains an “extra” ingredient, that could help target more serious diseases, according to BBC. Snopes reports that while honey contains antiseptic properties there isn’t enough research done to prove whether honey could help aid in the treatment of cancer.
9. Honey can improve the health of your skin and scalp.
Mix a little honey with some warm water and apply it to itchy skin and scalp. Mercola reports that this treatment was shown to significantly reduce itchiness and scaling of skin.
10. Honey can soothe sunburns.
If you have a minor sunburn or catch your finger on the cookie pan, you may be able to use honey to ease the pain. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends using a medicinal honey for burn treatments as your garden variety honey may not have enough antiseptic properties to property take care of the wound.
11. Honey may soothe ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders.
If you have tummy troubles like an ulcer or digestive problems, ingesting honey may help. Raw honey contains probiotics which help your digestive system reset itself (restoring proper acid balance), according to Green Med info.
12. Honey may help to treat herpes.
The anti-fungal properties in honey that help heal sores can also help with herpes (cold sores). Manuka honey in particular, has been linked to fighting more than 250 types of bacteria, according to Mercola.
13. Honey boosts your energy and immunity system.
Some researchers believe that honey can help boost your immune system by introducing you to different bacteria. This bacteria encourages your body to produce more saliva and secretion, triggering your immune system more often, Green med reported.

Do you use honey as a natural remedy? Tell us your favorite use for honey in the comments below.

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