3-year-old boy dies in car crash on way to his own birthday party – rest in peace

A heartbreaking tragedy took place when a 3-year-old boy named Josiah Toleafoa was killed on the day he was supposed to celebrate his third birthday.

The sweet boy and his family were at the parking lot of Play City, an indoor venue for kids’ parties, when a car hit Josiah.
Witnesses of the tragedy said that his devastated mother screamed and cried hysterically as paramedics were trying to save his life. Unfortunately, Josiah didn’t make it. He died at the Rady Children’s Hospital.

This family’s lives turned upside down. What was supposed to be a day of joy turned into the worst experience of their lives. Their happiness was replaced with grief and sorrow and their world shattered into a million pieces.

Reportedly, the 36-year-old driver who killed Josiah and whose identity hasn’t been confirmed wasn’t under influence of drugs or alcohol. He stayed at the scene and cooperated with the authorities and reasons behind the loss of control haven’t been confirmed.

Members of the family started a GoFundMe to help Josiah’s mom and dad with the funeral expenses.

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