5 critters that can crawl through your toilet & how to fight them

While it sounds like something from a nightmare, it’s an unfortunate reality that there are some creatures that can gain access to your home via your toilet. The warm, wet atmosphere of your bathroom might just be too hard for certain animals to resist! But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them invading your home.
Whether it’s something large and bulky or something small and creepy, there are always things to be done to fight the critters that crawl in through your toilet. What’s always most important, though, is your own safety, so proceed with caution – and if you ever feel unsure, it’s probably best to reach out to a professional.

1. Spiders

While spiders don’t typically access your toilet through the pipes, they can lurk underneath your toilet seat lid and even build themselves an intricate web there. If you live in an area with dangerous spiders, it’s absolutely essential you check your toilet thoroughly before sitting down to avoid a mishap! Keeping your toilet clean can also make it less attractive to eight-legged inhabitants.
2. Lizards

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