6 ways to clean your kitchen sink that you might not have heard of


3. Clean and protect a granite sink
Granite sinks are beautiful, and you may think the dark color will hide dirt. It does, but over time your sink needs a thorough cleaning and an application of a protective layer. A gentle cleaning with a non-abrasive cleaner such as Murphy’s All Purpose Cleaner removes dirt, debris and water marks. To protect your sink, apply a layer of mineral oil to the granite with a clean, dry cloth.

4. Bleach it with lemons
If after gentle scrubbing your white sink is still not bright white, it may need a gentle bleaching. Dry the sink, rub the stained area with a cut lemon and leave overnight. When you rinse in the morning, notice how well this natural bleach works.

5. Remove rust stains with salt
Rust stains appear in sinks from contact with metal objects or from iron in your water. You don’t need a harsh rust remover to get rid of the brown spots. Squeeze lemon juice over the stained area, and add enough salt to make a paste. Leave for a few hours, and then wipe the stain away!
6. Wipe it down every day
Regular cleaning reduces how often you need to really deep clean your sink. This all-natural and all-purpose spray is ideal for wiping down your sink every evening. Add to a spray bottle 2 cups water, a generous squirt of Castile soap and 15 drops of your favorite essential oil. Give it a shake, and use it to clean your sink and even your entire kitchen.

7. Quickly freshen your garbage disposal
Clean and deodorize your garbage disposal all at once with these easy garbage disposal cleaning cubes. Place sections of lemon in an ice cube tray, cover with vinegar and freeze in a container. Pop a few into your garbage disposal, then turn it on to clean and freshen.

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