7 Clove Tips Every Women Should Know


This spice is known to help freshen breath, in addition to providing dental health benefits.

Indeed, clove is often used in toothpastes and
mouthwashes for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

By sucking a clove after each meal, you can
help prevent dental problems and keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

It relieves dental pain
Eugenol is a valuable antiseptic for dental problems and sore gums.

Franck Dubus, doctor of pharmacy, states that this substance acts on peripheral opioid receptors, which are nerve endings involved in the perception of pain.

To relieve dental or gum pain using eugenol, it is recommended to use an oily maceration in mouthwash or a mother tincture . These forms of use help limit the risk of irritation.

However, in the event of intense or persistent pain, it is important to consult a dentist to determine the origin of the problem and treat it appropriately.

Relieve your muscular and rheumatic pain with massage
If you suffer from muscle, joint or rheumatic pain, you can try a pain-relieving massage oil based on cloves.

Clove has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve pain. To prepare this oil, mix approximately 10 drops of clove essential oil with 30 ml of vegetable oil (jojoba or sweet almond).

Apply this preparation by massage to painful areas three times a day. You should feel pain relief within 48 hours.

Prevent colds with cloves
Clove essential oil may also help prevent winter infections such as the flu and colds with its antiviral and antibacterial properties .

You can dilute 1 to 2 drops of clove essential oil in a teaspoon of olive oil and ingest it before a meal.

You can also dissolve 1-2 drops of clove essential oil on a sugar cube and melt it under the tongue before a meal.

Use this technique one to three times a day for up to a week to reap its benefits.

Calm UTIs and Kidney Stones with Clove
If you suffer from a urinary infection or kidney stones, you can also use an infusion made from cloves, as explained previously.

For greater effectiveness, you can add a drop (and no more) of lavender essential oil.

However, it is important to see a doctor if you have a urinary tract infection to receive the proper treatment.

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