7 interesting and surprising uses for baby wipes you might not know about

3. Erase paint mistakes (h/t Lake Girl Paints)
If you’ve made a mistake on a painting project, don’t panic. Baby wipes can serve as an eraser for paint mishaps. Simply use the wipe to remove paint from the project. Move to a new, clean section of the wipe frequently to minimize smearing. You can even use a wet wipe to clean up your hands, work space and the floor.

4. Solve beauty problems (h/t One Good Thing)
Baby wipes work well for taking care of beauty problems. A travel-size pack will tuck into a bathroom drawer or even into a large makeup bag. Use wipes to remove hair dye from skin, clean up nail polish when giving yourself a manicure and clean up makeup spills on your counter. You can even use a wet wipe as a makeup remover. The light oils quickly break down waterproof eye makeup.

5. Remove dirt and watermarks from microfiber (h/t Lily Button Designs)
One of the downsides to microfiber furniture is that it can be difficult to clean. Many microfiber piecess reveal watermarks once you try to clean them. Baby wipes contain a combination of cleaners that work efficiently to remove dirt, stains and watermarks from microfiber furniture. Simply rub the wipe over the stained area and dry thoroughly with a blow dryer.

6. Quickly dust house plants (h/t Expert Home Tips)
Real or fake, it doesn’t matter. Baby wipes are safe for a baby’s sensitive skin and safe for indoor plants. To quickly remove dust from leaves, use a baby wipe. As an added bonus, the light oils will help give greenery a nice shine.
7. Create colorful art
Baby wipes can be a quick distraction for children with this creative art project. Grab the center of a wipe and twist it into a long bundle. Secure with rubber bands or small plastic hair ties. Use markers to color. Blot with a paper towel, unroll and reveal a custom tie dye masterpiece. Watch to the end of this video to see how cute they turn out.

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