9-year-old boy survives alone for 2 years

In their parents, children find comfort, support, and love, and in their embrace, children discover a sanctuary where they can grow, learn, and thrive. Unfortunately, not every parent out there would go to great lengths for the well-being of their child.

The harsh reality is that some parents neglect and abandon their children instead of providing for them.
The following story, which comes from southwest France, is a heartbreaking one and shows everything that a mother should not be.

For long two years, a nine-year-old boy was left to fend for himself after his mother fled the apartment where they lived, leaving him behind. Despite the challenges this young boy faced, he showed incredible resourcefulness and determination.

After a couple of months of living all by himself, some of the neighbors became suspicious that the boy could be living without his mother, but they couldn’t say it with certainty because he was always nicely dressed and excelled at school. That is the reason why his teachers of classmates didn’t raise any concerns either.

However, once home, he was always forced to face the harsh reality. He was living without electricity or hot water and survived mostly on canned food, some tomatoes and other vegetables he would pick from the neighbors’ gardens, and the food some of the neighbors brought him.


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