After tasting this, I’m never having potatoes any other way!

In the heartland of our nation, simplicity in cooking is a tradition that speaks volumes. You see, around these parts, we know that sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to our nourishment. As the seasons pass, our roots dig deeper, intertwining with the very soil that gives us the food we cherish. Today, I’d like to pass on a simple yet beloved recipe from my kitchen to yours: Sheet Pan Scored Potatoes. This dish harks back to cold winters when only the hardiest of crops survived, and among those was the trusty baking potato, a staple on our family table. These potatoes are sliced ever so carefully to let the heat and flavor of herbs seep into their hearts—much like the way our traditions seep into our very beings. This dish, my dears, is for those occasions when comfort food is the anchor you seek amidst life’s ebbs and flows.
When it comes to complementing these hearty potatoes, I often look to the vibrant hues of garden vegetables. A side of green beans, cooked until just tender and kissed with a pat of butter, or sweet carrots glazed with a touch of honey, makes for a color-filled and nourishing meal. And you mustn’t forget a slice of homemade bread, for mopping up any delightful bits from your plate.

Homestead Scores: A Sheet Pan Potato Delight
Servings: 4-6

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