“Amazing Grace” performed by 200 bagpipes brings audience to tears

Music can conjure many different emotions, and this performance of “Amazing Grace” is no exception. Watching this video can restore hope and help people see the light that does exist in this world.



The scene starts with a single singer standing among over 200 bagpipe players. The moments of silence slowly turn into his solo rendition of a gentle, baritone Amazing Grace. His voice is captivating as each verse is sung into the echoing arena. Many people commented they were moved to tears and had chills by his ending note.

When the singing stopped, a single bagpipe player continued the tune. Playing “Amazing Grace” on his bagpipe player at the same calm and slow pace that the singer had taken as well. The spotlight shone down as everyone’s focus shifted from the vocal performance to this musical rendition of the beloved hymn.

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