At 53, Kelly Ripa’s black gown on Oscars red carpet ignites reactlons from fans

Among those who found their fashion choices dissected online this year was Kelly Ripa, who uploaded her outfit – a dazzling black, see-through gown – to Instagram along with the caption: “Mom and dad storming the red carpet.”

There, it was met with a wave of appreciation from her legion of fans.

“You both look amazing. BUT that dress is stunning ❤❤❤,” one person wrote.

“Beautiful gown. Beautiful couple,” another added.

“Kelly, your hair, the dress… you look gorgeous,” a third said.

Of course, it wasn’t all compliments. There were those who questioned Ripa’s decision to don the dress.

“I love you Kelly but not this dress,” one detractor wrote.

Another added: “Unlike Mark not to have a perfectly tailored suit or tux on. His clothes are usually impeccable.“

A third wrote: “Kelly wear some bike shorts. You are lowering your self in the see through dress. You’re better than that!“

“She doesn’t even look like the same person anymore ‍♀️” a fourth opined.

I don’t know about you, but I think Kelly and Mark looked fantastic at the Oscars! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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