Chef’s Clever Hack for Perfectly Peeled Hard-Boiled Eggs

Struggling with peeling hard-boiled eggs? You’re not alone in this common kitchen dilemma. Hard-boiled eggs are a popular, nutritious snack, but their tight, sticking shells often turn peeling into a messy task. But don’t despair! Jacques Pépin, a renowned French chef, cookbook author, and TV personality, has a clever solution to simplify your egg-peeling process.

The issue with hard-boiled eggs often lies in the shells, which cling to the egg white, breaking into tiny pieces and creating a less-than-appetizing appearance. Pépin’s method, however, introduces a simple yet effective change in the cooking process. The trick? Poking a small hole in the wider end of the egg before boiling it.

This technique allows the air pocket inside the egg to escape gradually as it cooks, making the eggshell easier to remove. When the air pocket remains trapped, it causes the white to adhere to the shell, complicating the peeling. Releasing this air ensures the eggshell comes off smoothly and effortlessly.

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