Country music star Kelsea Ballerini, 30, shocks fans with “no pants” look at CMT Awards

Ever heard the saying ‘less is more’? Of course you have, you’re a human being, and while you’ll likely agree that it’s a notion that can be applied practically to a number of situations, there are also occasions where the approach kind of, well, falls on its face.

Just ask critics who had plenty to say over a specific outfit worn by country singer Kelsea Ballerini when she hosted the CMT Awards in Austin this past Sunday, April 7.

According to reports, it was the fourth time that Ballerini had taken on hosting duties for the event since 2021. Sunday marked her first time doing it solo, however, and she went through no less than nine outfit changes over the course of the evening.

Of course, glitz and glam and sometimes-questionable wardrobe choices are to be expected at music awards ceremonies, but there were a number of people who felt that Ballerini went slightly too far when she slipped into a gold bodysuit… and seemingly had nothing on underneath.

As per PEOPLE, the 30-year-old had pre-taped a reimagined version of Love Me Like You Mean It a few days before the awards ceremony, wearing the aforementioned gold bodysuit and towering heels, which was then played for the audience. The singer appeared to fully embrace her no-pants moment, but only a day later she opted to address online backlash.

In this image released on April 7, 2024, Kelsea Ballerini performs on the 2024 CMT Music Awards at the University of Texas Tower on April 3, 2024 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Hutton Supancic/Billboard via Getty Images)

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