Cut lemons and keep them in your bedroom. Finding out why , you’ll do the same for the rest of your life

Lemons are one of the best known natural immunity bombs. They offer tons of benefits and can also improve the state of your mind.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to eat lemon to feel better and protect yourself. You can actually leave some lemons in your bedroom overnight and that can also be useful to your health. Here are the benefits that you may not know:

– They will cleanse the air and leave a pleasant smell
– They will help you breathe better over the night
– They will relieve the hangover and treat tiredness
– They will keep your mind sharp
– They will energize your body
– They will be perfect for people with asthma, allergies, and cold. If you are sick or have some breathing problems leave some lemon in your room, and you will feel better in the morning.
– They improve nasal congestion and can do something about stress relief. That means that lemons can also help you if you are having some troubles with sleeping


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