Delicious and Easy Lentil Patties: A Protein-Packed Recipe

Fresh Parsley (15g | 1/4 cup chopped): Brings a burst of freshness and color to the patties.
Tomato Puree (1 tbsp): Deepens the flavor with its rich, concentrated essence.
Salt (1 tsp) & Black Pepper (1/2 tsp): Essential seasonings that round out the flavors.
Olive Oil: For cooking the patties to perfection, giving them a beautiful golden crust.
Simple Steps to Sensational Patties
Follow these easy steps for sensational lentil patties:

Prep Your Lentils: Start by rinsing the red lentils thoroughly and boiling them until tender. Drain any excess water and set them aside to cool slightly.

Sauté the Aromatics: Finely chop the shallot and garlic. Sauté them in a bit of olive oil until they become soft and fragrant. Grate the carrot and chop the parsley, then add them to the sautéed mixture along with the tomato puree.

Mix & Shape: In a large bowl, combine the cooked lentils with the sautéed veggies and seasonings. Give the mixture a gentle mash while leaving some texture. Shape it into patties.

Cook to Perfection: Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Cook the patties until they turn golden and crispy on both sides.

Serving Up Satisfaction
Now that you’ve created these delicious lentil patties, it’s time to enjoy them! You can serve them on a bed of fresh greens, sandwiched between a burger bun, or alongside your favorite sides for a complete and satisfying meal. These lentil patties aren’t just a treat for your taste buds but also a nourishing and protein-packed choice that supports a healthy lifestyle.
Whether you’re exploring vegan eating or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based options into your diet, these lentil patties are a delightful choice that proves healthy eating can be flavorful and enjoyable. So, have fun making them and savor the wonderful meals they will bring to your table!

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