Do you need to wash new clothes before wearing them? Here’s everything you need to know

3. Dust and Dirt Accumulated During Manufacturing and Shipping
While your new clothes may look pristine, they have likely traveled a long way from the factory to the store. During this journey, they can accumulate dust, dirt, and other particulates that you probably don’t want on your body. Washing them removes these impurities, ensuring that your new clothes are truly clean.
4. Germs from Handling and Try-Ons
It’s not just the manufacturing process that can leave unwanted residues on your clothing. As clothes make their way onto store shelves, they’re handled by multiple people, and many items are tried on by other shoppers. This means your new clothes could potentially come with bacteria or germs that you’d rather not introduce to your personal wardrobe.
5. Enhancing Comfort and Fit
Some fabrics can be stiff or have a peculiar texture when they’re new. Washing them can help soften the material, providing a more comfortable fit. Additionally, washing allows for any potential shrinkage to occur before you wear the garment, helping to ensure that the size and fit are still correct after laundering.
6. Caring for Your Clothes
Learning how to care for your clothing properly from the start can extend its life. Washing new clothes, according to their care label instructions, starts you off on the right foot by introducing them to a proper care routine right from their first use.

Committing to washing new clothes before you wear them means investing a little extra time in your health, comfort, and the longevity of your wardrobe. If you’re prone to sensitive skin or allergies, it’s even more important to take this step to protect yourself. Stick to the care labels for the best results, and consider using hypoallergenic or sensitive detergents if you have skin concerns. Ultimately, the decision to wash before you wear is a personal one, but it’s clear that there are several benefits that may make it worth considering as part of your clothing care routine.


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