Don’t throw away the detergent caps, they could be worth gold reused this way

Storage and Organizers:


Pen Holders: Clean and collect colorful caps, stick them together, and you have a quirky pen holder.

Key Rings or Coin Holders: Use cardboard kitchen paper rolls. Cut them to desired lengths, seal one end, paint, and decorate them as per your liking.

Children’s Toys:


Puppets: Paint detergent caps, add facial features, and attach cardboard roll segments as legs. Enhance with bows or tiny fabric accessories to create adorable DIY toys.

Dolls and Figurines: The caps can become the base or heads of mini-figurines, sparking children’s imagination.

Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser: Repurpose a plastic bottle by cutting it in half. Fill the bottom part with detergent, and use the upper half, complemented with the cap, as a dispenser to measure detergent accurately.


Artistic Projects: From mosaic artworks to DIY mobiles, detergent caps can be a vibrant addition to many craft projects due to their range of colors.


Gardening: They can serve as small planters for seedlings or as base trays for potted plants.


Practical Uses: Consider using them as makeshift measuring cups or for storing small amounts of paints or glitters for craft projects.




The journey towards a sustainable future starts with small steps. Simple actions, like repurposing detergent caps, can set the stage for larger eco-friendly initiatives. It’s not just about reducing waste but also about fostering creativity and emphasizing the value of sustainability to the next generation.

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