Expert Says Parents Should Ask Babies For Consent Before Changing Diapers

In the realm of parenting, where dirty diapers are as commonplace as cuddles, a novel concept is causing a stir: seeking permission from babies before changing their nappies. This idea has sparked both intrigue and controversy, leaving many bewildered.

Enter Deanne Carson, a self-proclaimed authority on sexuality education, who boldly suggests that parents should introduce a dialogue of consent from the earliest stages of their child’s life. While unconventional, Carson argues that even infants can benefit from a culture of consent.


During a notable appearance on ABC, Carson shared her insights on instilling this concept in early childhood, highlighting the importance of non-verbal cues, particularly eye contact, in conveying the message that a child’s input matters. While newborns cannot verbally respond, Carson suggests that a moment of anticipation, coupled with non-verbal communication, can establish the groundwork for a respectful relationship between parent and child.

However, as with any controversial notion, skeptics abound. Many online voices question the practicality of seeking consent from a baby who cannot comprehend the situation. Some even jest about the absurdity of expecting a verbal response from a newborn.

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