Funny story: A man and woman are having dinner in a restaurant

Every now and then, we all need to cheer up a bit and forget about our everyday problems.

The following joke will likely make your day, so make sure you don’t miss it.

A gentleman and a lady were dining at a Fancy Restaurant
While attending to a different table, the waitress observed the man gradually sinking down his seat and disappearing beneath the table, while the woman displayed an indifferent demeanor.

Observing the scene, the waitress witnessed the man smoothly gliding down his chair until he vanished beneath the table.


While the woman opposite him maintained a composed and unaffected demeanor, seemingly oblivious to her companion’s disappearance.

Upon completing the order, the waitress approached the table and addressed the woman, saying, “Excuse me, madam, but I believe your husband just slipped beneath the table.”

In response, the woman gazed up at the waitress with composure and replied confidently, “No, he didn’t. He simply entered through the door.”

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