Garlic always fresh and intact for 1 year: only cooks know this trick in the kitchen

Winter brings with it the dreaded flu season, making garlic an indispensable companion, not just for its culinary value, but for its health benefits as well. Ever wondered how to keep garlic fresh for extended periods without it rotting? There’s an impressive trick that ensures its longevity for up to a year or more. Let’s unravel the secret.


Preserve Your Garlic for a Year – Here’s How:

Those seasoned in the kitchen might already be privy to this nifty garlic-saving hack. Start by taking around half a kilogram of garlic cloves and immerse them in lukewarm water for roughly an hour. Once they’ve soaked, drying and peeling becomes a breeze as the skin softens and easily comes off.


Once you’ve got your peeled cloves, place them into a sterilized glass jar. Sprinkle in about two tablespoons (or roughly 30 grams) of coarse salt. Following this, introduce a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the mix. If apple cider isn’t to your taste, wine vinegar works just as well. This component is crucial as it helps maintain the garlic’s freshness.


Before sealing your jar, add a touch of coolness by pouring in some previously boiled and cooled water. For that added zest, pop in a lemon slice atop the garlic. Ensure the jar is sealed tight, give it a good shake to mix everything, and voila!


With this method, not only will your garlic stay fresh for over a year without any signs of rot, but it’ll also be ready to use without the hassle of peeling. It’s a trick favored by many culinary enthusiasts for its simplicity and effectiveness.

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