Groom Demands Wedding Guests Be Informed That His Fiancée Is Not ‘Pure’

In November 2022, an anonymous user shared her story on Reddit’s “Off My Chest” forum. She began by explaining that she had been in a relationship with her fiancé for six years and engaged for eight months. While she managed most of the wedding planning, her fiancé, referred to as Ryan, occasionally provided input.

In October, Ryan surprised her with a peculiar request after discussing wedding plans with his coworkers. He suggested she should not wear a white dress.


This request puzzled her, but she dismissed it, thinking it was due to his artistic nature and perhaps related to how the wedding photos would turn out.



Following a heated argument, she felt “disgusted” by his actions, causing her to seriously reconsider their future together.

Nevertheless, she remained determined to wear white and told him so. Ryan seemed annoyed but eventually dropped the matter.


What Happened after the Woman Bought a White Wedding Dress?

Two weeks before the wedding, she finally bought her dress, which caused a major conflict with Ryan. He was irritated and insisted on seeing the dress, but she refused, wanting to keep it a surprise.


When he pressed further and she revealed the dress was white, he exploded. She was bewildered, as white is a traditional choice for brides. Ryan preferred red, believing brides should only wear white if they were “pure.”


To provide context, they started dating when she was 21 and he was 20. He had been a virgin, and she had only one previous partner, her high school sweetheart. Although they had moved past initial insecurities, this issue resurfaced.


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