Here’s how you can make an amazing shepherd’s pie all in your slow cooker

The mere thought of a hearty meat stew paired with fluffy mashed potatoes evokes a sense of comfort that’s hard to beat. Shepherd’s pie, a beloved British classic also known as cottage pie, boasts a rich history stretching across three centuries. Initially crafted as a clever way to repurpose leftovers, crafting this dish from scratch is traditionally a labor of love. However, by employing a slow cooker, this time-honored recipe is transformed into an accessible delight, perfect for busy weeknights without sacrificing the essence of this comforting meal.

Shepherd’s pie enjoys a variety of interpretations, from the choice of meat—lamb for a traditional shepherd’s pie or beef for the cottage variant—to the array of vegetables that can range from a simple mix of peas and carrots to a more lavish selection including corn, mushrooms, and turnips. While some recipes lean towards a tomato-based sauce, I find a simple, savory gravy brings out the best in this dish. My take on this classic keeps it budget-friendly with ground beef and elevates it with the addition of fresh herbs, offering a taste of decadence.

Slow Cooker Shepherd’s Pie Recipe


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