How to clean shower doors with two simple ingredients

vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar is acetic acid and is a complete cleaning solution. The acidity helps remove dirt effectively. When you mix vinegar with baking soda, it forms carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is unstable and instantly decomposes into carbon dioxide and water. The fizz you see when you combine baking soda and vinegar comes from the carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is considered safe, which is why a baking soda and vinegar cleaning solution is an easy cleaning product to use around the home.

With the mixture of these two super ingredients and with the help of a soft sponge, you can quickly and easily clean glass from your walls. This mixture should form a paste that you leave on the glass for at least 15 minutes. Finish by rinsing with plenty of water.

Another option is to just use vinegar, but this time with the same amount of water in a spray bottle. In the same way, leave the mixture to act for at least 5 minutes, then remove it with plenty of water.

Clean windows

The glass cleaner sold in all supermarkets is a less artisanal, but more effective trick for increasing the protection of your shower screen from the grease and grime that soap leaves behind. Using absorbent paper, it is preferable to clean the surface when it is dry (to make it easier). Dry to a glossy surface with as many paper towels as you need, avoiding a sponge and water. This will leave a protective film on the glass which will make it last longer. Ensure that the glass cleaning fluid is non-abrasive to avoid permanent damage to the glass.

To prevent dirt from building up on your shower walls, you can also use a cleaning squeegee after every shower. A quick job can save you a lot of cleaning time in the long run.

You can also prevent fat buildup by using lemon essential oil. Rub a little bit of the oil on with a clean cloth, avoiding excess. Not only will this keep your walls dirt-free for longer, but it will also give your bathroom a fresh and pleasant scent.

One last tip, remember that even if dirt is mainly deposited on your inner wall (inside the shower or bathtub), it is necessary to clean it from both sides. This way you will get better results.

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