How to effectively clean a yellowed shirt collar: discover grandma’s method

Fans of elegant shirts have to face one serious problem – the collars very often get stained. Especially these yellow set-in stains look particularly awful. Is there a way to get your snow-white ring of collar back again? Yes, and it’s an easy one!

There are methods to successfully complete this DIY job.

The method described on this page is very useful, above all because machine washing is often not enough to restore a white shirt collar.

To avoid going to the laundry, you must therefore read the rest and carefully keep the grandmother’s remedy available below.

How to Effectively Clean a Yellowed Shirt Collar
Deep cleaning shirts is not an easy task. It is therefore obvious that you need one or more effective and simple tips to do at home. Below, you’ll learn how to make shirt collars and cuffs white using different ingredients that can stain the garment. By using these products appropriately, you will be able to eliminate the yellow marks that make the shirt always look dirty, even after 1,000 washes. The ingredients to use to make the shirt look new again are:

1. Lemon
Mix 5 spoonful of lemon juice with 5 spoonful of water. Pour the mixture over the stain, wait 15 minutes and wash it in the washing machine.


2. Dish soap
Dishwashing liquid can also be a valuable friend when cleaning your shirt.

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