How to keep insects away from the house with baking soda

2. An Ant-Free Abode with Baking Soda


Ants have a thing for sweets, and you can use this to your advantage.




Mix equal parts of baking soda and powdered sugar.

Scatter this mix in ant-frequented spots, especially entryways or their familiar routes.

The sweetness lures the ants, but the baking soda they cart back home works its magic against them.

3. Showing Cockroaches the Door


Those resilient roaches meet their match with baking soda.




Blend equal measures of baking soda and sugar.

Pour this concoction into small dishes or caps.

Station these containers in roach hotspots.

As the sugar beckons them, baking soda ensures they don’t overstay.

4. Bidding Silverfish Goodbye


If moist, shadowy corners are silverfish havens in your house, here’s how baking soda can help.




Lightly dust baking soda in places like beneath sinks, restroom nooks, or other potential silverfish hideouts.

Its rough texture ensures they scuttle away and think twice about returning.

5. Maximize Your Baking Soda Strategy:


Make sure your baking soda remains dry for optimal insect-repelling results.

Refresh your baking soda blend every couple of days.

If pets frequent areas where you’ve used baking soda, exercise caution. While a pinch here and there won’t harm them, gorging on it isn’t advisable.

6. Wrapping Up


With baking soda, you’ve got a natural, economical ally in your fight against certain pesky invaders. Especially ideal for households with children and pets, thanks to its non-toxicity. But for stubborn infestations or other pests, seeking a pest control expert’s insights may be wise. Prevention is key. A clean, crumb-free house is your first line of defense against pests.


Note: This content is for general knowledge and isn’t a substitute for expert counsel. Always trial methods on a small patch before going all out.

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