How To Properly Clean Your Interior Windshield For A Streak-Free Shine

What You’ll Need:

Microfiber cloths
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or rubbing alcohol
Your preferred glass cleaner
source: YouTube/ChrisFix

Here’s How:

Initial Wipe Down: Grab a dry microfiber cloth and gently wipe the interior windshield, employing circular motions all across the surface.

Magic Eraser Magic: Soak a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in warm water, squeezing out any excess. Gently scrub the windshield with it, ensuring a thorough clean. Follow up with a wipe-down using a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

The Final Shine: Spray your chosen glass cleaner onto a fresh microfiber cloth and give that windshield one last gleaming wipe-down.

A Quick Tip: If a Magic Eraser isn’t handy, substituting it with rubbing alcohol applied on a microfiber cloth works wonders too! This step is pivotal in removing the greasy residues that result in those annoying smudges and streaks.

Curious to see it in action? Watch ChrisFix demonstrate the method in the video below:

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