I accidentally washed dishes in the dishwasher with floor cleaner. Do I need to dump everything?

2. Emptying the Dishwasher
The first step you should take is to empty the dishwasher completely. Remove all the dishes, cutlery, and any other items that were inside during the washing cycle.
3. Rinsing Everything Thoroughly
Once you have everything out, rinse each item under hot running water. This will help remove any residual floor cleaner that may be on the surfaces. Though this may seem sufficient, simply rinsing might not remove all the chemical residues that could pose a danger.
4. Running a Second Cycle
After rinsing by hand, it’s advisable to run the dishes through another complete wash cycle in the dishwasher, this time using the correct dishwasher detergent. This will help ensure that any remaining floor cleaner is fully removed.
5. Cleaning the Dishwasher
The dishwasher itself will now contain residues of floor cleaner. Run a separate wash cycle without any dishes, perhaps with a cup of white vinegar placed upright in the top rack, to help clean out any leftover cleaner within the machine.
6. Inspecting the Dishes After Rewashing
Once all the dishes have been rewashed properly with dishwasher detergent, inspect them closely. If you detect any lingering odors or residues, you’ll want to hand wash them with a mild dish soap and warm water.
7. Disposing of Highly Porous Items
For certain porous items, such as wooden cutting boards or plastic containers, that may harbor cleaner in small crevices or pores, it may be safest to dispose of them, as they can retain harmful chemicals and release them into food later on.
8. Taking Precautions for the Future
Prevent future accidents by storing dishwashing detergent and other cleaners in clearly separate and distinct areas. Ensure they are properly labeled to avoid confusing similar-looking bottles or containers.

Accidentally using floor cleaner in your dishwasher is no small error and should be addressed promptly and carefully. As a rule, if there is any doubt about the safety of your dishes after this occurrence, it is better to err on the side of caution and replace them, especially items used for preparing or consuming food. Remember, your health and safety come first, and taking these steps can help mitigate the risks of contaminating your food with unsafe chemicals.

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