If you see someone with these tattoos, call the cops



The five-dot tattoo, known as the “quincunx,” is a tattoo that consists of five dots arranged in a square formation, with four dots forming the corners and one dot in the center. It be associated with prison culture, where it can symbolize various aspects of a criminal’s life.

The “MS” tattoo typically stands for “Mara Salvatrucha,” also known as MS-13, a notorious and highly organized criminal gang originating from El Salvador. The “MS” tattoo is commonly inked on members of the gang or individuals associated with it as a sign of allegiance or affiliation.

Although it’s understandable to feel cautious around individuals having tattoos associated with criminal gangs, it’s crucial to remember that not everyone with these tattoos is involved in criminal activities, and that we must not pass judgments on appearance solely.

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