If you spot this jelly-like creature in your backyard, you had better know what it means

Having a backyard and being responsible for plants means that sometimes you need to know everything that can go wrong. Keep reading to know more about what you should know should you come across this ‘jelly like nut’ in your garden.

A Reddit user in Oklahoma woke up one morning and found something that confused them. They saw a lot of ‘yellow jelly’ in the trees and saw what they described as a ‘jelly alien nut’ which left them scratching their head.

They turned to Reddit to solve the mystery with the help of the community. They said in the post that the tree was a conifer but they were not sure about the exact name of the tree.

Almost immediately, a user recognized it commonly as ‘cedar-apple rust.’ This rust disease requires two hosts to complete its life cycle. The disease mostly affects apples and crabapples.


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