Learned this 1 month ago, and been having it for breakfast for 30 days straight!

Picture this: a lazy Sunday morning, you’re craving something indulgent but as a devoted keto follower, you’ve waved goodbye to the flaky pastries of your pre-keto life. Enter the Keto Cream Cheese Danish—your new brunch BFF. Originating from the lovely land of Denmark, traditional Danishes are a no-go zone on keto because of their high carb content. But who said we have to sacrifice the joys of a Danish when watching our carb intake? So whether you’re looking to impress at brunch or just want to treat yourself, this danish gives you all the creamy, sweet satisfaction without the carb coma.
Now, for the ultimate indulgence, top your danish with some homemade sugar-free whipped cream or pair it with a side of mixed berries for a fresh contrast. Want to make it a meal? Serve it alongside a steamy mug of bulletproof coffee to keep those ketones humming.

Keto Cream Cheese Danish

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