Man and Woman on a Blind Date Surprised to Find Their Kids are Mirror Images of Each Other

When Emily and Damon discover their boys are identical, their blind date takes an unexpected turn. In a desperate attempt to solve this enigma, Damon chooses to speak with his unstable ex-wife. Emily, meantime, comes into a letter that holds a secret that has the potential to ruin her life.


Emily hurried into an Italian restaurant for her blind date with Damon, wearing a clown wig that was colored like rainbows. After meeting online, Emily and Damon agreed to go on an archaic blind date: Emily would wear a wig, and he would wear a paper hat.

She saw Damon in the restaurant, standing in a corner, their eyes meeting as she got closer. “Emily!” Rising from his chair, Damon greeted her.

After a pleasant and consoling first exchange, Emily was overjoyed to finally meet him. They felt a natural connection as they joked about Emily’s hairdo and got into a casual discussion.

After a while, the topic of their boys came up, and Damon showed Emily a picture of his son next to an abstract painting. The boy looked much like Emily’s son Bradley, which startled her.

Confused, she questioned, “Is this some kind of joke?”

Damon withdrew his phone. “What are you trying to say? In addition to being an excellent painter, my kid enjoys painting.

However… I’m not sure I get it. Although you never brought it up, did you also adopt your child? Asking Emily.

“I didn’t.” Damon scowled. Emily, you’re making some really odd comments. Is everything in order?

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