Many people use baking soda to clean, but here are 9 things you should never clean with baking soda

The main ingredient in baking soda is sodium carbonate. This ingredient has been used as a cleanser since before the Great Pyramid of Giza was built. Although nobody is using baking soda to clean and preserve mummies anymore (yikes!), it’s still used as a multipurpose cleaning agent around the world.

What many people do not discuss about baking soda is its reaction with certain metals and its abrasiveness. There are certain things baking soda should not be used to clean. So, before you polish an antique ladle or clean the countertop, make sure they do not appear on this list of nine things you should never clean with baking soda.



1. Ceramic cooktop

Baking soda is known as a wonderful natural cleanser. With that said, it shouldn’t be used to clean every appliance. If someone suggests using baking soda to clean a ceramic cooktop, politely decline. Baking soda is too abrasive to use on it. In addition, it will leave a white film that is quite difficult to eliminate.

2. Your skin

Many beauty magazines encourage readers to use baking soda to combat acne. It’s important to note, however, that baking soda may have a drying effect on skin. Baking soda may also cause rashes, redness and burning if a person has sensitive skin.

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