Mom starts with some broccoli on a baking tray, turns it into perfection!

If you’ve ever faced a dinner table with halfhearted smiles facing down a plate of greens, then Oven Parmesan Smashed Broccoli just might be the game changer you’re hoping for. Originating from the simple concept of roasting to enhance flavor, this dish turns a familiar veggie into a crispy, cheesy delight that could convert even the most skeptical eaters. It’s a fantastic way to infuse a bit of fun into a nutritious side dish, and it’s bound to make its way into your regular rotation once your family gets a taste.
Oven Parmesan Smashed Broccoli is a versatile side that pairs wonderfully with a variety of mains. Whether you’re dishing up grilled chicken, a tender pot roast, or even a savory pasta, these delightful broccoli florets add a toasty and cheesy contrast that complements just about anything. Feel free to round out your meal with a light salad or some fresh, crusty bread to mop up all those delectable flavors.

Oven Parmesan Smashed Broccoli
Servings: 4-6

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