Monkey Butter

Butter is one of those super versatile ingredients that you can use in or on just about anything! It adds flavor and creaminess and is totally delicious, but we decided to whip up a slightly different kind of butter…monkey butter! If you haven’t heard of or tried monkey butter, let us fill you in on how yummy it is; filled with pineapple, bananas and coconut, this tropical, fruity concoction is tasty on so many things!
Monkey Butter Vertical 1 Once you throw everything together on the stovetop and let it cool down, this recipe is perfect on top of toast or ice cream or even scooped straight from the jar! Whether you need a quick snack or want to make ice cream a little more special, or you just need a quick fix for your sweet tooth in the middle of the night – we’ve all been there, right? – monkey butter is the way to go! Skip the regular butter and try this out; our family loves it and yours will too!

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