My hubby is not a beet lover, but he couldn’t resist this dish!

Beets are a storied vegetable that have graced tables from Ancient Greece to the cozy corners of Dutch farmhouses, evolving from their role as a humble root to a beloved staple. Dutch Beets, or “Rode Bieten”, as they might say in the Netherlands, are a side dish that’s both sweet and tangy—a delightful combination reflecting the Dutch penchant for balancing flavors. Embracing the practicality of canned beets allows for a quicker preparation while still delivering a comforting side dish reminiscent of traditional Dutch cooking. This simple yet satisfying dish is perfect for those who aspire to grace their dinner table with a taste of international cuisine without the need for extensive preparation time.
Dutch Beets are versatile, pairing wonderfully with roasted meats such as chicken, pork, or even a light fish like cod. They also serve as a vibrant accompaniment to creamy mashed potatoes or a hearty grain bowl featuring quinoa or farro. And, for an authentic Dutch experience, try serving them alongside a helping of stamppot, a dish made of mashed potatoes mixed with other vegetables.

Simple Dutch Beets

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