My Husband Always Left the House When His Phone Rang & Returned with Smelly Clothes – Once I Followed Him

I was sure something sinister was happening when my husband started leaving the house in a rush. He did this several times without a clear explanation. His strange behavior had me thinking he might be cheating, as he refused to tell me the real truth. When I finally found out what he was doing, I was shaken to my core!

For the ten years James and I had been married, I thought I knew everything about him. But MAN, was I mistaken! What I believed I knew about him was that he was driven and successful. He always seemed so tough, almost impenetrable

For all the time we’d been together, I’d never seen him cry! But I never doubted his love for me; I could simply feel it in his actions, even if he didn’t say it often. That was until the last few months when things started to change.

When you hear what started happening, you’ll understand why I had my back up. My husband began acting differently. He was rarely home, spent no time with the children, and every time his phone rang, he would immediately leave.

When I confronted him about the calls and the rushed departures, he made a claim I couldn’t fathom. “It’s urgent office work, my love.” I didn’t really believe him, mainly due to the next thing I am about to share.

What had me doubting him was the oddest part of all this. My husband would come back home and IMMEDIATELY throw his clothes in the washing machine! His clothes were washed even if he’d only worn them that day for roughly an hour!

James would then take a shower, no matter how briefly he’d been gone. It was perplexing and, frankly, worrisome! No matter how I tried to get him to tell me the truth about what he was actually doing, James would stick to the work excuse.

I once snuck to the washing machine while he was showering. Doing my own investigations I pulled out his clothes to smell them for women’s perfume. Instead, I was hit with a stench I couldn’t explain! His clothes smelled PUTRID!

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