My Irish friend brought these over the other day and we couldn’t stop raving about them!

Picture this: a cozy weekend morning, something delicious sizzling in the skillet, and the whole family eagerly waiting at the table. That’s the ideal time for a big ol’ helping of Boxty, a traditional Irish potato pancake that’s sure to warm hearts and bellies. Born out of Ireland’s resourceful culinary past, Boxty is a comforting dish that brings the humble potato to new heights of deliciousness. Whether you’re celebrating your heritage or just looking for a hearty meal to gather the family around, Boxty is a perfect choice.
Boxty is delightfully versatile, pairing wonderfully with a dollop of apple sauce or a savory side of bacon and eggs. For a lighter option, you can serve it alongside a fresh green salad or some steamed vegetables. If you’re in the mood for a dinner-time treat, Boxty makes a fabulous side to roasted meats or even stands alone as the star of the show with a hearty mushroom gravy on top.

Traditional Irish Boxty

Servings: Makes about 8 pancakes, serving 4 people.

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