New husband demands wife give stepdaughter her family heirloom instead of her own daughter

When someone is in possession of a family heirloom, they assume the role of a custodian, ensuring it passes down safely from one generation to the next.

However, for one woman, this simple plan took a pretty nasty turn when her new husband proposed an alternative approach.

Seeking guidance on Reddit, the 35-year-old woman recounted her dilemma, which all stemmed from her family tradition of passing down an emerald necklace to the eldest daughter or son on their 14th birthday. Her daughter, Emily, is expected to receive this cherished heirloom on her upcoming 14th birthday in January 2024.

The woman, who has been married to her husband Joey for two years, explained that they’d been together for four years, and that they’d both had daughters from previous relationships.

Despite Joey’s awareness of the family tradition and the woman’s intention to give the necklace to Emily, he made a gobsmacking suggestion during a Christmas gift discussion.

Joey proposed that his daughter, Sophia, should receive the emerald jewelry instead, saying that it would be a way for the woman to express her acceptance of Sophia as her daughter. Uncomfortable with this suggestion, the woman explained that her daughter, Emily, knew of the family tradition and was looking forward to receive the necklace… Unfortunately, Joey was rather stubborn and refused to change his mind.

In fact, he accused his wife of favoritism, claiming that she was being selfish and insisted that she could easily purchase another necklace for Emily on Amazon! The woman remained undeterred, however, and stood firm, saying that her family heirloom would be going to Emily regardless of what Joey thought.

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