Place it in the kitchen: it keeps flies, mosquitoes and other insects away

Confronting a surge of insects, ranging from flies to mosquitoes, can be a daunting task. Their swift and persistent invasions are a common annoyance globally. Whereas the market is flooded with insect repellents, laden with an array of chemical agents and preservatives, turning towards the simplicity and safety of natural methods offers an eco-friendly and health-conscious alternative.

Understanding the Invaders:

Every insect, boasting its unique characteristics, is lured by particular aspects found within our homes. Mosquitoes, notorious for seeking blood, and flies, along with other insects, are drawn to light and food, often laying eggs in various nooks and crannies around a house. While their attraction to sweets, sugar, and fermented substances is evident, they surprisingly ignore breadcrumbs and minor food scraps.

A Proactive Approach to a Clean Home:

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