She Applies Vicks Vaporub On Her Feet Before Bed; When You Know The Reason, You will Do The Same!

Insect Deterrent: Out of repellent? An open container of Vicks can deter mosquitoes and other insects.


Headache Relief: Its menthol ingredient can help reduce headache pain. Gently apply on your temples.


Foot Care: For smoother feet, especially on cracked heels, apply Vicks at night, wear old socks, and rinse in the morning. For enhanced results, scrub with a pumice stone and moisturize.


Pet Training Aid: To prevent pets from marking indoors, apply Vicks at the usual spots. Its strong scent deters both dogs and cats.


Furniture Protector: Save your furniture from cat scratches by applying Vicks on their favorite scratching spots.


Stretch Mark Reduction: Applying Vicks regularly can reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time.


Nail Fungus Treatment: For toenail fungal infections, apply Vicks nightly, wear socks, and trim the affected nail the following day. Continue until healed.


Bruise Healing: Speed up bruise healing by gently massaging with Vicks to reduce swelling.


Earache Soothing: Ease earache pain by placing a Vicks-coated cotton ball in your ear for a few hours. Remember, it’s a temporary solution, so see a doctor for persistent issues.


Skin Care: For issues like acne, apply a thin layer of Vicks overnight and wash off in the morning. Consistency brings clearer skin.


Pain Reliever: Vicks can help soothe muscle and back pain due to its natural ingredients. For ailments like “tennis elbow”, massage the area with Vicks until relief.


Belly Fat Reduction: Create a blend using one tablespoon each of crushed camphor, alcohol, baking soda, and half a jar of Vicks. Before exercising, apply this mix to your abdomen, wrap with plastic, and rinse post-workout. Used 2-3 times a week, it can aid in slimming similarly to commercial creams.


While Vicks VapoRub has many alternative uses, always remember to test on a small skin patch before full application to avoid allergic reactions.


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