Super macio bolinho with sequinho de chuva

Two eggs
1/2 cup of sugar (using 240 milliliters of sugar)
1 cup of room temperature milk
2.5 tablespoons of rice flour
1 cup of fermented soup in a chemical broth for foaming
Making the Meal:
Masture the eggs and sugar in a bowl.

Mix well after adding the milk at room temperature.

Eventually, add the flour and mix constantly with the rice.

Masture the yeast in water until desired consistency is achieved.

Bolinhos frito: Preheat the oil until it reaches an appropriate temperature.

Delicatemente coloque pequenas porções do massa em óleo quente usando duas colheres do mesmo tamanho.

Be careful to ensure a homogeneous dough by watching the balls turn over on their own, but don’t lose your focus.

4. Final Product of the Fryer:

To absorb the extra oil, remove the balls from the oil and place them on parchment paper.

5. Opcional: Toque Especial de Açúcar with Canela

Combine one cup of sugar with one cup of cane juice.

To get an extra kick, drop each ball into the mixture.

Final words
By the end of this enchanting culinary journey, we hope that you have not only learned how to make exceptionally delicious bolinhos de chuva, but that you have also experienced the magic that the kitchen can provide.

Através de cada fase, o processo gastronomio se transformou into uma chance para vivenciar momentos especiais, reduzir contatos com tradições e explorar an arte do cozinhar.

If this article has inspired your culinary creativity, please share your experiences in the comments, like it, and follow us on future culinary adventures.

May each bun be a sweet chapter in its culinary history, filled with flavor and emotion. Until the next journey!

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