The Enduring Allure of the Bum Roll: A Fashion Blast from the Past

Fashion is a fascinating cycle of reinvention, where old trends find new life with contemporary touches. One such resurgence captivating modern fashionistas is the bum roll, a garment with a surprising history dating back to the Renaissance.


During the 16th and 17th centuries, the bum roll (also known as a crescent or barrel) played a crucial role in shaping women’s silhouettes. Worn beneath gowns and skirts, it accentuated the hips and created a distinctive silhouette with a fuller backside. This versatile piece served a dual purpose: enhancing the wearer’s figure and providing practical support for voluminous skirts.


Fast forward to today, and the bum roll is back with a modern twist. Designers and vintage enthusiasts are embracing this historical artifact, incorporating it into their unique fashion statements. Whether for historical reenactments, theatrical productions, or daring runway shows, the bum roll is making waves across the fashion spectrum.

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