The entire house was sick like a dog last week. Start with some lemons, and add a few other ingredients, for a delightful recipe cure

Ginger and apple cider vinegar have both been shown to aid digestion. Ginger can relieve nausea and indigestion, while apple cider vinegar may improve stomach acid balance and promote healthy digestion.
Sore Throat Relief:
The soothing warmth of this concoction can be incredibly comforting for a sore throat. Honey’s antibacterial properties may help alleviate throat discomfort, making it a soothing choice for those battling with a scratchy or irritated throat.
Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
Ginger’s powerful anti-inflammatory compounds can help reduce inflammation throughout the body. This is particularly beneficial if you’re dealing with muscle or joint pain.
Apple cider vinegar is often associated with detoxifying the body. While its detox benefits are a subject of debate, it may support liver function and promote overall well-being when consumed in moderation.
Slow Cooker “Feel Better” Drink

8 lemons, halved and quick squeeze (juice)
1/2 ginger root, roughly chopped
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
Water (enough to fill your slow cooker)
1. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the lemons and then cut them in half. Squeeze the juice from each half and remove any seeds. You can use a citrus juicer to make this process easier.
2. Place the lemon juice, along with the lemon halves, into your slow cooker.
3. Peel and roughly chop the ginger root. You can leave the skin on if it’s organic and clean. Add the chopped ginger to the slow cooker.
4. Pour in the honey and apple cider vinegar.
5. Fill the slow cooker with water, making sure to cover all the ingredients. The amount of water you’ll need will depend on the size of your slow cooker, but typically, you’ll need around 6-8 cups of water.
6. Stir everything together in the slow cooker to ensure that the honey and vinegar are well mixed.
7. Set your slow cooker to the low heat setting and let the mixture simmer and infuse for at least 4-6 hours. You can let it go all day if you prefer for a more intense flavor.
8. As the drink simmers, the flavors will meld together, and your home will be filled with a comforting aroma.
Before serving, you can strain the mixture to remove the lemon halves and ginger pieces, or you can leave them in for added flavor.
Serve this soothing lemon and ginger drink warm in mugs. It’s a great way to help soothe sore throats and provide some comfort during illness.

Optional: You can adjust the sweetness by adding more honey if desired. You can also dilute the mixture with more water if you find it too strong.

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