The Hidden Weapon of the Toilet: Table Salt

A cup of salt on top: For a thorough cleaning, pour it straight into the bowl of the toilet.


Postpone: Give the salt fifteen minutes to sit, or leave it in overnight for an extra thorough cleansing.


Using a toilet brush, scrub the bowl thoroughly, being sure to get all the hard to reach places.


To remove the salt and any loose particles, flush the toilet.


To maintain your toilet in pristine condition, repeat this technique as part of your normal cleaning regimen every few weeks.


Reasons Your Plumber May Shh This Information


You might be asking why experts aren’t more vocal about this helpful hint. Let me explain:


Safety in the Workplace: Plumbing is a Trade That Relies on Regular Repairs and Maintenance to Survive. Their consumer base might decline if they resort to do-it-yourself remedies, such as salt.


Expertise from a Pro: While salt can be effective in certain plumbing issues, some cases call for the assistance of a professional.


Plumbers may be hesitant to suggest do-it-yourself solutions due to liability concerns, which might make them dodge responsibility in the event of an accident.


If you’re experiencing minor toilet problems, try using table salt instead of calling a plumber. Your problem might be easily solved and your toilet could flow properly with this simple, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly remedy.

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