These are so divine! Love how quick they are to make!

There’s a certain kind of magic in starting your day with something hearty and homemade, isn’t there? It’s tradition served in a dish, rich with care and wholesome goodness. Now, as our understanding of health evolves alongside our cherished practices, the kitchen dances with a balance of both. Today’s recipe harkens back to simple times with a modern twist—Low Carb Egg Bites with bacon and gruyere cheese. Think of the velvety texture of fluffy eggs, coupled with that crisp bacon, all wrapped up in the loving embrace of rich gruyere. Why, it’s a bite of morning comfort, without the heaviness that we sometimes look to avoid. These egg bites evolved from French cuisine, simplified for an on-the-go breakfast or a quaint brunch in our Midwest kitchen gardens. Whether you’re watching your carbs or simply crave a little something savory, these egg bites are a splendid choice any day of the week.
Now, these little darlings are quite delightful on their own, but pairing them with a freshly dressed side of greens can brighten up your plate and complement the richness. A cup of hot coffee or tea, and perhaps a spoonful of garden-fresh salsa or a light drizzle of hollandaise sauce, can elevate this heartwarming meal to a celebration of new traditions mingled with the old.

Low Carb Egg Bites
Servings: Makes about 6 servings, with two egg bites each

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