They received hate letters for being in love 50 years ago, but their interracial marriage is still going strong today.

Actor Leslie Uggams has had a captivating career in both theater and film.

Despite having a stellar seven-decade career, the singer and actress from Harlem is most known for her part in the Deadpool series.

But, because her marriage to White Australian Grahame Pratt in 1965 defied all expectations for an interracial relationship, her life may be the subject of a movie behind closed doors.

In 1953, Leslie, a talented vocalist, recorded a song for MGM when he was just 10 years old. The renowned Julliard School of Music in New York and the Professional Children’s School of New York were recommended to her by her aunt, soprano Eloise Uggams.

However, her career was far from over after her musical breakthrough; in 1969, she hosted “The Leslie Uggams Show,” the first network variety show hosted by a Black person since “The Nat King Cole Show.”

However, she got to know and fell in love with actor Grahame Pratt behind the scenes. During one of Leslie’s famous tours in Australia, the pair reconnected in Sydney after first meeting as students at Professional Children’s School in New York.

Because she had dated a white man during her adolescence and her aunt had discouraged her from thinking about a future with him, Leslie was aware of the negative effects of dating a white man.


Leslie said to Ebony in 1967, “I remember the shock I felt once when I was dating a white boy.”

He sent me a color picture of himself via email. My aunt was shown it. He was a young, attractive man with gorgeous hair. I felt he was very attractive. However, my aunt started lecturing me after glancing at me. “Well, I guess he’s alright,” she remarked, “but only on dates, huh, honey?” When you’re ready to settle down for good, you’ll marry a nice [Black] fella, won’t you?

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