This is a favorite for weeknight meals with my husband and a crowd-pleaser at our parties

Hello, friends! Craving the comfort of a classic Reuben sandwich but need a family-sized solution? This Reuben Casserole is your perfect answer. Drawing inspiration from the beloved New York City deli staple, this casserole variation packs all the flavors of the traditional Reuben sandwich in a homestyle, easy-to-make dish. It’s ideal for those cozy evenings when the air turns crisp and you’re looking to bring warmth and smiles to your dinner table.


For a well-rounded


meal, consider pairing the casserole with a crisp pickle spear for a tangy contrast or a light vinegar-based coleslaw to cut through the richness. On chillier nights, a warm bowl of tomato or potato soup can be the perfect comforting companion to this hearty dish.


Reuben Casserole Recipe:


Servings: 8




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