This is called “Bunny Bait” and it’ll sure bring the Easter Bunny out this year!

As the soft green of new leaves starts peeking out and the chill of winter’s breath finally begins to wane, Easter comes hopping ’round the corner. It’s a time for new beginnings and gathering with family, continuing the traditions that weave through our lives like delicate lace. One such tradition that tickles the fancy of my grandkiddos is crafting a delightful nibble known as Easter Bunny Bait. This playful treat, reminiscent of a pasture sprinkled with spring flowers, is the perfect way to lure that hoppy ol’ bunny right to your door – or so the young’uns believe. With its roots in simple Midwest snack mixes, this treat has evolved into a colorful Easter classic you can share with loved ones or set out as a festive nibble while celebrating the season.
Now, I reckon Easter Bunny Bait can stand mighty fine on its own, but if you’re wanting something to pair with it, try setting it alongside a fresh fruit salad or cups of pastel-colored sherbet to keep with the Easter theme. If serving it up to folks gatherin’ at your homestead for the Easter festivities, a pot of strong coffee and some lightly sweetened iced tea would complement this sweet treat right nicely.

Easter Bunny Bait
Servings: This recipe yields about 10 servings, give or take, depending on how generous you are with your handfuls.

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